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Having a toothache or other issue in your mouth can already be painful enough, but then the thought of the pain to address the problem might deter you from making an appointment with your dentist. When you need to have a cavity drilled and filled or an implant placed, you can trust the gentle touch of Dr. Denard to minimize your discomfort.

When there is a need to rebuild your broken tooth, you may want to opt for a crown rather than an extraction. A crown is a "dental cap" that would encase the problem tooth.


A bridge is an alternative used to fill in a gap left by a missing tooth. We would build a pontic in between two crowns and fit it to your smile.

Don't let that nagging ache in your mouth develop into something worse. If you fear you might have a cavity, some see us as soon as you can.


In addition to the traditional silver fillings, we can also offer you "natural fillings". These are tooth colored materials, meant to blend in and present a more natural look because your filling is concealed.

Comfort and dentistry may have been in opposition in your mind, but give us a chance and we'll change your mind and your mouth.



Crowns and bridges

Fillings for your cavities

Dental implants is another treatment option we can offer to you. If your tooth has gone bad at the root, we can build an artificial root for you. Once the base is in place, you can have artificial teeth or other prosthetics attached.

Implants are another option to complete your smile

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