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Due to age or dental disease, you may have lost teeth. To recreate an aesthetically pleasing smile, you can be fitted with dentures. These dental prosthetics are not just for visual purposes. Having a complete set of teeth allows you to chew food evenly which benefits your gums and overall health. You can also avoid developing speech impediments by restoring your full set of teeth.

In the case that you have a few teeth missing but are not in need of a complete set of dentures, you could opt for partial dentures. First we would address the teeth surrounding the gap to make sure that they are healthy enough to support your partial. Then you could be fitted with a removable fixture which would replace the missing teeth.

When you have no teeth remaining, you may want to opt for a complete set of dentures. In addition to allowing you to continue to eat foods as normal, dentures can assist with speech. Your new set of dentures would be custom fitted to your gums and include prefabricated acrylic teeth. These teeth come in a variety of shapes and colors to ensure a natural look for you.

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Partial dentures

Complete dentures

Dentures might be your last stop on a trip that begins with tooth removal. Although proper oral hygiene should prevent loss of teeth, that is not always the case. You may have a root decay and need to have the tooth extracted. You may have had a tooth partially knocked out while playing sports and need the rest removed. Whatever your situation is, we can help get you back on the path towards a healthy smile.

If you need a tooth removed, we can do that for you, too

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