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  • Gum inflammation is a prime risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and, hypertension and stroke

  • Dangerous oral bacteria can migrate and has been found in the sites of heart disease

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  • OSA interrupts your ability to lose weight

  • OSA is the single biggest reason spouses don't sleep in the same bed

  • OSA causes significant memory loss

  • OSA keeps you sleepy throughout the day

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  • U.S. adults lose 164+ million hours of work and children lose 51+million hours of school each year due to dental disease

  • Caries (dental decay) is the most prevalent disease affecting children in the U.S, and it is 100% preventable

  • 400+ commonly used medications can cause decreased saliva flow, which greatly increases your risk of caries

  • Approximately  25% of dental decay is UNTREATED among every age group (ages 2-100)

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  • 33% of people in the United States suffer from acid reflux

  • Acid Reflux is linked to asthma, voice disorders, and Barrett’s Esophagus which increases your risk of esophageal cancer

  • Acid Reflux significantly interrupts your ability to sleep soundly through the night

  • Acid Reflux can affect people of all ages ranging from babies to adults

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  • Diabetes causes destruction of your eyesight, kidneys, nerves and heart.

  • Diabetes increases your risk for gum disease which leads to tooth loss.

  • Diabetes slows your ability to heal from injury and infection sometimes resulting in amputation.

  • 115 million adults in the US have either diabetes or pre-diabetes and 1/3 don’t know it.

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